SCMD History


The South Carolina Metal Detecting and Relics Association (SCMD) began in early 1993 with an informal meeting of five friends.  All interested int he same hoddy of metal detecting.

The first meeting was held in the Rock Hill Library on the 24th of May 1993.  Present at that time were David S, Bill S, Lanny I, Jimmy E, and now pasted on Leonard B. 

Informal meetings continued there until March of 1994 at which time the club moved it’s meeting place to a small house owned by the First Church of the Nazarene. 

In April of 1994 the first official meeting of the SCMD was held.  Dues were collected and the first members were David S, Bill S, Lanny I, Chris W, Jimmy E, and Gene W. 

The SCMD is now 20 years old and boasts 58 members strong.